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Caesarstone Quartz Countertops style 6041 Nordic Loft and Style 2141 Blizzard

The Best Countertops in the Industry

Caesarstone®  quartz countertops and surface products are highly regarded in the construction industry, which is why Triple Crown’s builders and designers ordered their top-rated quartz countertops for installation into Residence III and Residence IV.

Actually, it was Caesarstone® which invented and pioneered quartz surfaces on their mission to bring the beauty of earth’s raw minerals into their customer’s homes.

“Hands down, we are definitely the best quartz out there,” says Sarah Houston, Account Manager for Vancouver Island. “Our branded quartz surfaces are 93 per cent quartz content, which is really important, especially for developers and builders who are making these selections.”

The reason they use quartz is because it is one of the strongest minerals in the word. The quartz in Caesarstone’s engineered stone countertops provides advantages that are unattainable in marble, granite, or other natural stones.

“When you have a high quartz content, it’s more durable and it will last a long time. You’re not going to ever need to dispose of your countertops. These are meant to last a lifetime,” says Houston.

Caesarstone® provides a lifetime warranty on their quartz countertops. Even better, their warranty is transferable. If the first owner sells their condo, Caesarstone® will warranty their product for the next condominium owner.

“We stand behind our product.”

Sarah Houston’s Story

Indeed, it was Caesarstone’s commitment to their product which attracted Sarah to the company in the first place. “I joined Caesarstone® about two years as their account manager,” says Houston. “I came from the cabinet industry, and I wanted to join forces with a company that was well recognized and stood behind their product. That was really important to me.”

She started her new career in Alberta, then moved over to BC because (construction on) the Coast was booming. “My boss said we really needed someone to cover Vancouver Island, and I’m like, ‘send me over there!’”

Sarah and her family moved to Victoria, and they have been here for a year now. She admits she loves living here. “I’m originally from Ontario. I tell you; I’ll never move back to Ontario OR Alberta. This is the good life! It’s fantastic.”

As V.I.’s Accounts Manager, she spends much of her time with developers and builders to see if she can assist with projects they are working on. The other half her time is spent visiting architects and designers in the kitchen and bath industry. She serves the distribution channels to ensure they have all their products stocked in their libraries.

Additional Advantages of Caesarstone® Quartz Countertops

Beside a lifetime warranty on the countertops, when you purchase a condo in Residence III and IV, you can expect your countertops will be non-porous and very low maintenance.

“You need only use soap and water. It’s that simple,” says Sarah. “There’s no need for anything else. You never need to seal your counters like you would if they were natural stone. Our quartz counters are heat resistant, crack resistant, easy to maintain and very, very durable.”

The design for Residence III and Residence IV condos includes 3cm Quartz Caesarstone Nordic Loft, 6041 countertops for kitchens and main bathrooms, along with White 2141 countertops for Ensuite bathrooms. To see more details about the floorplans, click here. Our downloadable brochure has even more details.

Want to find Caesarstone® products?

Greater Victoria BC suppliers include Colonial Countertops, which supplied the Caesarstone® countertops, South Shore Cabinetry Ltd. located in the Triple Crown Community, along with, Stone Age Marble Ltd. and Abstract Stone.

Or contact Sarah Houston, Caesarstone Accounts Manager for Vancouver Island, you can reach her on her main line at 778-834-2929, or 604-638-1485, or email her at shouston@caesarstone.ca |www.caesarstone.ca

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