Man on Golf Course - Outdoor Activities in Langford BC

Outdoor Activities in Langford

Outdoor Activities in Langford BC

If you purchased a condominium in Triple Crown’s Resident 3 or 4, once you move in, you’ll soon be able to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities in Langford!


Vancouver Island draw golfers from around the world and is also the gateway to the Vancouver Island Golf Trail consisting of fourteen scenic and challenging courses through a 250-kilometre-long network. For both beginners and experts, Victoria offers golf experiences with some of the best vistas on earth. If you’re a golf enthusiast soon to be living at Triple Crown, you’re practically surrounded by excellent golf clubs! Here’s how long it takes to get to four of the closest courses:

Bear Mountain – 9 minutes away – is a 36-hole premier course of Jack Nicklaus design. It’s a huge, idyllic course with plenty of other amenities. You can spend days here and never run out of things to do.

Royal Colwood – 8 minutes away – is a private club built in 1913. It is a traditional style parklands championship course set amongst 450-year-old douglas firs and majestic garry oaks.

Highland Pacific – 10 minutes away – is a family run, 9-hole course plus driving range. It’s dubbed as “Victoria’s Friendliest Public Golf Course”.

Olympic View – 14 minutes away – is an 18-hole course which was rated ‘Top 10 Best’ in BC by Score Golf Magazine. You’ll enjoy excellent views of the Olympic Mountains while you play.

Juan de Fuca – 15 minutes – is a 9-hole course is an excellent course for beginner golfers to sharpen your short game, or a great place to take your family.


Vancouver Island has some of the most beautiful and iconic trails in the world. All told, Greater Victoria has 16 scenic trails to choose from, and the best of them intersect close to your new home.

For instance, Mount Finlayson Trailhead is 8 minutes away. The mountain is an excellent journey for experienced hikers.

There are plenty of parks and green spaces nearby as well. Goldstream Provincial Park & Mill Hill Regional Park are both 7 minutes away. Goldstream attracts people from all around (and eagles and bears) during the salmon spawning season. Mill Hill is a perfect hike and picnic for families looking for panoramic views.

Mount Wells Regional Park and Sooke Hills Wilderness Regional Park are a 10- and 13-minute drive. Mount Wells is a mall regional park at Humpback Lake with second growth forest and excellent views. Like Finlayson, it’s suitable for experienced hikers. The Sooke Hills Wilderness Trail is excellent for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

Water Activities

Love water activities? It’s all here, from scuba diving to kayaking, swimming to fishing, with lakes and ocean beaches just a short drive away.

Florence Lake, Langford Lake, and Thetis Lake are all within a five-minute drive. If you’re looking for ocean beaches, Esquimalt Lagoon and Witty’s Lagoon are about 20 minutes away. There are plenty of places you can rent water equipment such as West Shore Rowing and Paddling Centre. One of the more unusual rentals includes Hot Tub Boat Victoria which allows you to explore the Gorge waterway in a hot tub. Okay, maybe that’s not a water sport, but it’s sure fun!

Triple Crown Community has the keys to easy access for fun and affordable outdoor lifestyle.

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Mother with sleeping baby needs a quiet condominium

How Quiet is My Condominium?

“What about the noise?”

We hear this question time and again as a concern our customers have when they are considering a condo purchase.

“I like the idea of the condo lifestyle,” a customer told us. “I’m just not excited about hearing my noisy neighbours on all sides. I like a quiet space.”

We get it. We feel the same way.

“Did you know there have been recent changes to the National Building Code (NBC) to reduce noise transmission” we asked?

In 2015, the NBC, which is Canada’s building code that sets technical provisions for the construction of buildings, was updated to change how builders and architects design for acoustics to ensure you have quieter neighbours.

What is required and how they measure it needs a little explaining.

The measure of how much material can reduce noise transmission is called the Sound Transmission Class (STC). The higher the STC number, the less sound transmitted. The NBC now requires an STC rating of 50. For our technically inclined readers, this number is calculated by taking the Transmission Loss (TL) values at 16 standard frequencies over the range of 125 Hz to 4000 Hz and plotting the results on a graph. The TL is simply the difference between decibels in the area from which noise originates and another area the sound travels to. For example, let’s say your neighbours are having a party and they are creating a 90dB tone. That’s quite loud – about as loud as a large truck driving by. When we measure for the same tone on your side, we find it has been reduced to 40 dB – the sound level of a quiet home. That is a 50 dB Transmission Loss. 50 dB less sound energy made it through the wall to the other side for the single tone we measured.

But high STC ratings alone do not always guarantee a quiet condo. That’s because sound does not only travel through the air from one room to another. It also travels through the walls, floor and ceiling. This is called “flanking” noise and it isn’t considered in the STC. Fortunately, the NBC required a new rating called Apparent Sound Transmission Class (ASTC) – a much more realistic measure of the actual sound level transmitted between units because it includes noise transmitted through wall, ceiling and floor junctions. In addition to an STC rating of 50, adjacent units in a building must be separated by a wall, floor or ceiling partition with an ASTC rating of at least 47.

We don’t promise your condo will be as quiet as a vault. That’s unrealistic. An especially loud neighbor or an open patio door will still transmit some sound, but isn’t it nice to know you won’t be forced to live through the everyday activities of daily living next door?

Our Triple Crown builders are committed to making sure you can live in relative peace and quiet. It’s one more way we’re helping to ensure you have an amenable relationship with your neighbours!

Todd and Justine

Lifestyle and Amenities - Kids in a Kayak

Amenities and Lifestyle at Triple Crown Community

Amenities Close at Hand Means Great Lifestyle!

If you are a future homeowner in Triple Crown’s Resident 3 and 4, you can look forward to excellent amenities and lifestyle with so many activities close at hand. To give you a taste, we’ve listed beaches and lakes for water activities, golf courses, hiking trails and a couple special venues for the whole family.

Water Activities

Do you enjoy water activities? It’s hard not to be as we live on an island! It’s all here, from scuba diving to kayaking, swimming to fishing, and you have lakes and ocean beaches just a short drive away:

• Florence Lake – 2 minutes
• Langford Lake – 5 minutes
• Thetis Lake – 7 minutes
• Glen Lake – 12 minutes
• Lookout Lake – 16 minutes
• Esquimalt Lagoon – 22 minutes
• Witty’s Lagoon – 28 minutes


Vancouver Island draw golfers from around the world and is also the gateway to the Vancouver Island Golf Trail consisting of fourteen scenic and challenging courses through a 250-kilometre-long network. For both beginners and experts, Victoria offers golf experiences with some of the best vistas on earth. If you’re a golf enthusiast soon to be living at Triple Crown, you’re practically surrounded by excellent golf clubs! Here’s how long it takes to get to four of the closest courses:

• Bear Mountain Golf Club – 9 minutes
• Royal Colwood Golf Club – 8 minutes
• Olympic View Golf Club- 14 minutes
• Juan de Fuca Golf Course – 15 minutes


Vancouver Island has some of the most beautiful and iconic trails in the world. Hiking enthusiasts will find the following trails nearby:

• Mount Finlayson Trailhead – 8 minutes
• Goldstream Provincial Park – 7 minutes
• Mill Hill Regional Park – 7 minutes
• Sooke Hills Wilderness Regional Park – 13 minutes
• Mount Wells Regional Park – 10 minutes

Family Fun

Looking for something more unique for your family? The recently opened Malahat Skywalk and the Boulder House Climbing are well worth checking out.

The Skywalk takes you through an arbutus forest and onto a spiral ramp that towers above the Finlayson Arm. Once you’re done taking in the spectacular view, you can zip down the 20 metre spiral slide. You AND your kids will want to go again!

Boulder House is not just for hardcore climbers. It has 6000 sq. ft. dedicated to kids, and they take pride in turning a passing interest in climbing into an obsession. Get ready to be inspired.

Excellent lifestyle means easy access to living, working, and playing in your city. Langford and the Triple Crown Community do it well.

Group of Millennials

Six Compelling Reasons for Millennials to Choose Condo Living

A great location in Langford

Condos get built in popular areas, and Triple Crown is no exception. Entertainment, restaurants, and shopping are all close by in the vibrant city of Langford BC. If the great outdoors is more your style, lakes, biking paths and golf courses are all around you. Triple Crown is close to town on the edge of nature.

Condos Are More Secure than Houses

You don’t have to worry about installing alarm systems or video cameras. A two-key system – one for the front door and one for your unit makes the possibility of robbery slim to none. And your neighbours are a built-in block watch! It’s really hard for a thief to operate in a condominium without being seen. The added security will give you peace of mind.

Condos Provide Maintenance Free Lifestyle

Condominium lifestyle a maintenance-free lifestyle. That means you have more time to do what you enjoy doing. Who wants to be mowing the lawn when you could be on an outdoor adventure or entertaining friends? Time-consuming tasks like cutting the lawn and cleaning the gutters just don’t exist when you live in a condominium. Instead, you contribute to a monthly fee that takes care of building maintenance and repairs.

That also means the big repairs will cost you less because everyone contributes to a contingency (reserve) fund which takes care of future costs like roof repairs or window replacements. Many years from now when the roof must be replaced, the financial impact on your lifestyle will be far less than the 10+ thousand it would take to replace the roof of a house.

Living in a Condo Gives You More Freedom and Money to Travel

When you want to travel, you don’t have to make your plans around house maintenance considerations. Someone else is doing it for you. All you need to do is ask one of your trustworthy neighbours to water your plants while you are gone, then you can come and go as you please. Many a house owner has sadly had to forgo their adventure to take care of a house maintenance cost!

Condos Provide the Best Amenities Already Built In

All Triple Crown’s condominiums provide you with brand new, high quality appliances like modern kitchens with gas range cooking, a water and ice refrigerator, quiet close cupboards, dishwasher and in-suite washer and dryer. Your condo home will also feature quality cabinetry, quartz countertops, luxurious carpets, and Euro hardwood floors. Round that out with large decks, community gym and rooftop terrace and you have clean sleek, quality living at its best. Check out all the features.

Condos at the Triple Crown Community

Joining a condominium equals instant community! The condo lifestyle at Triple Crown offers residents a vibrant Langford lifestyle and neighbours from all walks of life from millennial to retirees. When you live among like-minded people, the potential to develop a friendly, close-knit community is greater.

Living in a Triple Crown Community condo in Langford provides Millennials with a lifestyle of convenience, freedom, and enjoyment than a house just can’t provide.

Explore the lifestyle condominium living affords. Contact us to book your private meeting with our Sales Team in our show suite.

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Interview with Sarah Houston – Caesarstone® Accounts Manager

Caesarstone Quartz Countertops style 6041 Nordic Loft and Style 2141 Blizzard

The Best Countertops in the Industry

Caesarstone®  quartz countertops and surface products are highly regarded in the construction industry, which is why Triple Crown’s builders and designers ordered their top-rated quartz countertops for installation into Residence III and Residence IV.

Actually, it was Caesarstone® which invented and pioneered quartz surfaces on their mission to bring the beauty of earth’s raw minerals into their customer’s homes.

“Hands down, we are definitely the best quartz out there,” says Sarah Houston, Account Manager for Vancouver Island. “Our branded quartz surfaces are 93 per cent quartz content, which is really important, especially for developers and builders who are making these selections.”

The reason they use quartz is because it is one of the strongest minerals in the word. The quartz in Caesarstone’s engineered stone countertops provides advantages that are unattainable in marble, granite, or other natural stones.

“When you have a high quartz content, it’s more durable and it will last a long time. You’re not going to ever need to dispose of your countertops. These are meant to last a lifetime,” says Houston.

Caesarstone® provides a lifetime warranty on their quartz countertops. Even better, their warranty is transferable. If the first owner sells their condo, Caesarstone® will warranty their product for the next condominium owner.

“We stand behind our product.”

Sarah Houston’s Story

Indeed, it was Caesarstone’s commitment to their product which attracted Sarah to the company in the first place. “I joined Caesarstone® about two years as their account manager,” says Houston. “I came from the cabinet industry, and I wanted to join forces with a company that was well recognized and stood behind their product. That was really important to me.”

She started her new career in Alberta, then moved over to BC because (construction on) the Coast was booming. “My boss said we really needed someone to cover Vancouver Island, and I’m like, ‘send me over there!’”

Sarah and her family moved to Victoria, and they have been here for a year now. She admits she loves living here. “I’m originally from Ontario. I tell you; I’ll never move back to Ontario OR Alberta. This is the good life! It’s fantastic.”

As V.I.’s Accounts Manager, she spends much of her time with developers and builders to see if she can assist with projects they are working on. The other half her time is spent visiting architects and designers in the kitchen and bath industry. She serves the distribution channels to ensure they have all their products stocked in their libraries.

Additional Advantages of Caesarstone® Quartz Countertops

Beside a lifetime warranty on the countertops, when you purchase a condo in Residence III and IV, you can expect your countertops will be non-porous and very low maintenance.

“You need only use soap and water. It’s that simple,” says Sarah. “There’s no need for anything else. You never need to seal your counters like you would if they were natural stone. Our quartz counters are heat resistant, crack resistant, easy to maintain and very, very durable.”

The design for Residence III and Residence IV condos includes 3cm Quartz Caesarstone Nordic Loft, 6041 countertops for kitchens and main bathrooms, along with White 2141 countertops for Ensuite bathrooms. To see more details about the floorplans, click here. Our downloadable brochure has even more details.

Want to find Caesarstone® products?

Greater Victoria BC suppliers include Colonial Countertops, which supplied the Caesarstone® countertops, South Shore Cabinetry Ltd. located in the Triple Crown Community, along with, Stone Age Marble Ltd. and Abstract Stone.

Or contact Sarah Houston, Caesarstone Accounts Manager for Vancouver Island, you can reach her on her main line at 778-834-2929, or 604-638-1485, or email her at shouston@caesarstone.ca |www.caesarstone.ca

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Interview with Todd Mahovlich

Interview with Todd Mahovlich PREC - Langford Realtor®

As demand for West Shore housing continues to outpace supply, the McCallum Group, working with Langford Realtor® Todd Mahovlich and Justine Connor, launch the final phase of Triple Crown Community.

Now under construction is Residences III and IV – two six-storey buildings consisting of 123, one-, two- and three-bedroom homes (one bedroom now sold out) priced from $549,900 with market-leading deposits of only 5%.

“The success of Triple Crown Residences I and II has fast-tracked our plans for Residences III and IV, the last phase of condominiums at Triple Crown,” says  Langford Realtor® Todd Mahovlich PREC, who is also the project’s sales coordinator. “We are pleased to offer the West Shore’s widest range of floorplans, with attainable price points, a low deposit requirement and sought-after amenities in an accessible, highly desirable location.”

The building’s design attributes emphasis angled exterior terraces and balconies to maximize sunlight and views. Each building will have outdoor ground level and roof top outdoor amenities. Residence IV will include a 1,000 square foot multi-purpose gym on the main floor. Energy-efficient ductless heat pumps come standard, and hot water is sourced through an environmentally friendly central boiler in lieu of individual in-suite water tanks.

In terms of value, Mahovlich says Triple Crown offers 20 floorplans at price points targeted at live-in buyers or investors drawn to West Shore real-estate for its proximity to nature, access to popular shopping centres, a growing collection of recreational opportunities and a slower pace of life.

“What makes the West Shore condominium market so special and in-demand by purchasers of all ages is its larger homes at more attainable prices compared to what is available in the city centre, and a more laid back, nature-oriented lifestyle,” says Mahovlich. “And with our 5% deposit structure, purchasers can secure their future home with less money up front. For buyers looking to get into Victoria’s housing market for the first time, the opportunity to put down a smaller initial deposit can make a profound difference in their ability to save for and buy their home.”

Since the sell-out and subsequent occupancy at Residences I and II, the Langford real-estate market has undergone significant change as buyers flocked to the West Shore hub amid shifts in market preferences. Suburban real-estate in particular saw demand pressures heighten, especially for two-bedroom and three-bedroom condominiums, considering increased remote work scenarios, a desire for additional space for hobby rooms or dens, and attractive price points relative to Victoria’s core.

Triple Crown’s McCallum Road location, close to big-box and small-format retail destinations, saw its Residences II sell-out in 2020 and buyers have been awaiting the subsequent phase.

“Triple Crown’s location is at the heart of a significant transformation in north Langford, and as far as the development build-out timeline is concerned, this is still considered early days which makes Triple Crown a smart real-estate play when viewed through the lens of a medium-term horizon” says Mahovlich. “We can expect even more development throughout north Langford over the years to come, and at the gateway to all of this positive change is Triple Crown.”

“We’ve now sold over 70 per cent of the pre-construction inventory. If you are interested in buying into the last phase of Triple Crown, don’t wait to call Justine Connor or I.”

You can learn more about Todd Mahovlich and other listings on his website vres.ca