Triple Crown - Residence II

Interview about Residence 2 Condominiums with Justine Connor

Interview with Justine Connor

Interviewing Justine Connor about Triple Crown’s Residence 2

We interviewed Triple Crown’s sales team member Justine Connor and asked her about the neighbourhood and amenities Residence 2 condominiums in Langford have to offer.



Mathieu: Morning Justine. Let’s start with the location. Where is the Triple Crown Community located?

Justine: It is in Langford over by Mr. Mikes. There are 70 units in the 6-storey building; all 2 bed 2 bath units starting at $389,900 + GST. Completion will be December 31st of this year.

Residence 2 Condo Sales

Mathieu: How are sales of residence 2 condominiums going?

Justine: It’s going well. We are six months out from completion and we are 40% sold.

Mathieu: How are clients are reacting to the building in its current state of production?

Justine: Most of the clients that I’ve taken in the building are extremely impressed with the size of the balconies, the size of the windows, all the natural light that comes in, how spacious the units are, and the views that you get from either side of the building.


Mathieu: Are there amenities in the building?

Justine: We have a small gym with cardio equipment and free weights.

Residence 2 Special Incentive

Mathieu: Let’s talk about the incentive going on right now.

Justine: The next 12 purchasers get 2 years of their strata fees paid for. This is an extremely good incentive six buyers have taken advantage of so far.


Mathieu: What do people think of the area around the Triple Crown Community?

Justine: A lot of people like it that it’s not right in downtown Langford with the noise, hustle and bustle. They like that it’s a little off the beaten track and close to the lake and nature, yet close to amenities like grocery shopping, Tim Hortons, Starbucks and a couple of pubs. Additionally, they appreciate the easy highway access for driving North or South into Langford, Colwood, or Victoria.


Mathieu: What kind of client demographics are interested in the building?

Justine: The majority of my clients have been first time home buyers and a few investors. Most of the people I’ve sold to are professionals in their 20s to early 30s, some with kids. It’s a family-friendly building with no age restrictions. The condos in Residence I (next door) are renting for $2200 for 2 bedrooms 2 baths. Given this, it’s a great investment opportunity.

Mathieu: How are first time home buyers reacting?

Justine: They (my clients) are all super excited as it is their first purchase. That’s because they can see the new pictures every month and read about the quality going into their purchase. For instance, they can see the excellent appliance package, the fit and finish, and other things. This is why we make sure we keep informing them about around their purchase and let them watch as it is it being built.

Mathieu: Are many of the mind that they would rather buy a home instead of a condo?

Justine: No. Most of the people  I see are just excited they can purchase something in Greater Victoria because their money can buy them a really nice, spacious place to live.

Size of Residence 2 condos

Mathieu: How big are the Residence 2 condos?

Justine: Most of the Residence 2 condominiums are around 900 sq. feet.

City of Langford

Mathieu: What draws your clients to the city of Langford?

Justine: I think price for one pf the draws. That’s because you get more bang for our buck for sure. You get a bigger size unit for your price. Additionally, Langford now has all the community amenities, which means you don’t often need to go into Victoria anymore.

Final words

Mathieu: What else do your potential buyers need to know?

Justine: If you are looking for a condo or want to get into the market, Triple Crown condos are definitely above standards as far as their finishing goes, their appliance package, and their quality of construction. The four Developers are local, Langford based. They know their customers and they have a track record of building a great product that makes their customers extremely happy.

Mathieu: Justine, thanks for taking the time for this interview.

Justine: Thank you, Matt

Justine Connor is available for questions and for personalized viewings of Triple Crown’s Residence 2. If interested, you can reach her at 250-888-1059.

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