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Residence 2 incentive for next 12 buyers ended

Residence 2 Condominium Incentive

The cost of living in Greater Victoria is higher than many other Canadian cities, and your lifestyle is directly impacted by how much money you have left over at the end of the month. The 16th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey of eight countries in Asia, North America and Europe ranked Victoria’s affordability in 294th place out of 309 housing markets in the third quarter of 2019. That’s why the Developers of Triple Crown Communities have introduced a new free condo strata fee incentive for the Residence II condominiums; They have affordable living firmly in mind as they build, and the features and amenities in Residence II provide a real edge for a better lifestyle for those who buy a condominium here.

Lower Utility Bills

We are using environmentally friendly technology to make sure your cost of living at Triple Crown Residence II is low. For instance, the Builders are installing ductless heat pumps which effectively move heat around the building to cool your condo down in the summer and warm it up in the winter.

Efficient Appliances

We are bringing in quality, energy efficient appliances such as a gas range that will save you money on your electric bill. Gas is more efficient because it delivers instant heat and gives you more temperature control for better cooking. A stainless steel, water-and-ice refrigerator with an efficient bottom mount freezer, a top control dishwasher and a high-efficiency laundry centre. Check out the appliance package for details.

Monthly Strata Fees

One of the complaints we get from people who are considering buying a condo is the strata fee. The reason being it is an extra amount of money you must pay on top of your mortgage.
Strata fees are important because they pay for your building maintenance, insurance, common area upkeep automatically. With big costs planned and scheduled, there are far fewer surprises. That is a good thing. If you own a house, you also pay for maintenance except you end up doing so with big, sometimes inconvenient bills – like say, when then roof develops a leak.

Triple Crown Residence 2 Condominium Incentive

horse race depicting 12 recipients of the Residence 2 condominium strata fee incentive

TWELVE people purchased a condominium in Triple Crown Residence 2 and will not have to pay strata fees for two years. The incentive is now over.

Call Todd Mahavlich or Justine Connor at 250-893-6618 or 250-888-1059 to find out what is now available.

*Owner responsible for amounts over the initial set strata fee during the two-year promotion.
**Strata Fee amount and yearly savings vary based on unit size and location.

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