Triple Crown - Residence II

Carley Petillion of Spaciz crafts Triple Crown condominiums interior design

Triple Crown Condominiums Interior Design

Planning the Interior Design for Triple Crown Residence 2 Condominiums

The quality of Residence 2 interior design is aligned with what you’ve come to expect from Triple Crown. It didn’t happen by accident. The builders employed a highly creative design team in Victoria called Spaciz. The principal designer and partner with the company is Carley Petillion. She has a unique talent her clients attest to; the ability to really listen, then craft distinctive design features and unique combinations of colour, texture and finish that culminates into beautiful, functional spaces.

Interviewing Carley About Design Choices

“We have worked with (Triple Crown’s) team on many projects before,” said Petillion. “We are very familiar with their product and what they are looking for in terms of materials and aesthetic. For this project, we focused on the first-time home buyers, millennials, and Gen x-ers who are looking for an investment property.”

Petillion is called a master of the nitty gritty for a reason. She pays close attention to details; She makes sure every inch of a space is functional, esthetically beautiful in a way that flows seamlessly throughout the interior.

We asked her to describe what inspired her design choices for Residence II.

“Location and demographic were the key factors,” she said. “We wanted to be fresh and unique while avoiding anything super trendy.  Our choices needed to be neutral enough for a buyer to picture their own furniture in the space, but also to include unexpected elements. Finally, we made sure the layouts were highly functional, especially the kitchens.”

What design features or attributes are you most proud of?  

“We are very proud of our simple, yet impactful fireplace design.”

“It is a challenge to ensure there’s adequate storage and work space (in condos) so we’re also quite proud of the kitchens and baths. (For example), the bathroom mirror frame doubles as a shelf to keep product off the counter!”

What was the most important consideration?

“There is a lot of competition in the condo market, so we had to be budget conscious while also designing a space that is different from what the buyers are seeing elsewhere.”

How do you include functionality in the aesthetics of the interior design for Residence 2?

“We put a lot of thought and effort into cabinetry design to accommodate a variety of furniture layouts.”

What were some of the challenges?

“Deciding whether an island was a preferred option over a traditional dining table because some of the condominiums only allowed for one or the other. Incorporating dining/eating space into some of the smaller condominiums was also a challenge.

When do you come in on a project, or at what stage should a project manager include you? 

“It depends a lot on what they would like help with. Some project managers and developers only want help pulling colours and finishes together. They apply for the permit before the contact us. We prefer to be a part of the project from the beginning so we can iron out any issues from a design perspective before the hole is even in the ground. This saves everyone a lot of headache and gives us the opportunity to ensure the project has a high-end/designer feel.”

How can developers best work with you?

“(They can best work with us) by including us at the very early stages and allowing us to collaborate with the architects and team on the space planning. This is such a critical part of the process. And just being clear on their expectations. It leads to satisfactory results.”

About Spaciz

Spaciz’s tag line says it all: “Aspire to avoid predictable, question existing standards, blend visual influences, listen with fortitude, and nudge you to go further.” Carley and her team at Spaciz succeeded with their concept and execution on interior design for Triple Crown Residence 2 condominiums. They have created a space you will be delighted to call your own. Check out the details of our fit and finish.

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