Advantages for Downsizing to a Condominium

If household upkeep is getting tiresome, if you don’t want to live in a big family home now that the kids have moved away, you’ve probably been thinking about the next step and considering where you want to live after selling your home.

Have you considered moving to a decent sized condominium?

There are plenty of good reasons to consider it, the first being lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle you can enjoy at any age; a lifestyle that provides you more freedom than a house can.

Here some reasons to consider a condominium:

Excellent Location

Condos get built in popular areas, and the Triple Crown Victoria is no exception. Entertainment, restaurants, and shopping are all close by in Millstream Village and the vibrant city of Langford. Several excellent restaurants and coffee shops are right outside your door, Costco, Save on Foods and Pharmasave are right down the street.
Love being outdoors? You will be surrounded by lakes, walking and biking paths, parks and golf courses.

Peace of Mind and Security

You don’t have to worry about installing alarm systems or video cameras because a two-key system – one for the front door and one for your unit – makes the possibility of robbery slim to none. Your neighbours are a kind of built in block watch! It’s hard for a thief to remove large items from your home without being seen by someone.

No More Maintenance Chores

Because you are living a maintenance-free lifestyle, you have more time to do what you enjoy. Who wants to be mowing the lawn when you could be adventuring outdoors or entertaining friends? All those time-consuming tasks such as cutting the lawn, weeding the gardens, and cleaning the gutters will no longer concern you. A low monthly strata fee that takes care of maintenance. Seeing as it’s a brand-new building, large repair costs are well into the future and will be covered by a contingency fund.

More Freedom

When you want to travel, you’ll no longer have to worry about your home’s security and upkeep. You can come and go as you please. (Though you might want to ask one of your trustworthy neighbours to water your plants while you’re gone).

Gain a Community

Condominium living offers great opportunities for a vibrant social life. After all, you live among like-minded people and the potential exists to develop a friendly, close-knit community. We’ve gotten to know some of your neighbours, and we can report they are friendly, considerate people.

Concerns About Condo Living:

What About Noise?

We’re asked this question quite often. In 2015, the NBC – Canada’s building code that sets technical provisions for the construction of buildings – was updated to ensure you won’t be hearing your neighbours. Things like open patio door will still transmit some sound, but you won’t be forced to live through the everyday activities of daily living next door. If you are interested, you can learn more about it in our article “How Quiet is my Condo?”

Will I Have Enough Space?

Do doubt it’s going to take some doing to fit into a condominium if you’ve been living in a 2500+ square foot house. But with planning, and perhaps the services of an excellent downsizing specialist, you’ll find a condo – especially Triple Crown Victoria’s spacious condos – will be spacious enough for your needs.


No one wants to run out of money in their Golden years. After a lifetime of building up equity in your house, it’s sale, and the subsequent purchase of a less expensive home combined with low utilities and strata fees, can go a long way towards securing your financial future.

Consider the superior lifestyle condominium living affords. Explore options by calling on Triple Crown Victoria’s Realtors® – Todd Mahovlich and Justine Connor at 250-474-4800

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